Glacier National Park
Sept. 3-4, 2003

Back in the
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(south from Alaska)

Glacier Nat'l Park

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I had heard many tales from other RVers about the legendary beauty of Going to the Sun Road, which runs right through the legendary park. I was happy this was on our route back to Austin from Alaska.
No vehicle larger than 21' long and 8' wide is allowed on the road, so we stayed a second night and used the car to drive the snug winding road.
The area is still pretty smoky from the wildfires, but the first 24 miles of the road were incredibly beautiful with amazing views from this architectural masterpiece of a road. After that, the smoke was too heavy for good visibility, so we didn't continue but were so glad we got to see what we did - a real unexpected treat, that's for sure!
There were hiking trails that you could walk down to such gorgerous sights as this: St. Mary Falls - where the water rushes over red boulders and you can walk up to the top of the falls and look down on the bridge where I'm standing here.
One of my favorites: Yellowstone National Park

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