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Yellowstone National Park  
Sept. 6 - 9, 2003

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All I knew about Yellowstone before I arrived here was that it was the first national park established in our country and that it was the home of Old Faithful and Yogi Bear.

I'm sure I'd seen travel specials on it, but don't remember being moved enough to make it a destination goal. When I discovered that my most direct path back to Austin would take us through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, I was pleased but not particularly thrilled about it. I thought that level of excitement had been spent in Alaska and Canada, but boy was I wrong!

Once we arrived through the north gate, we were both exclaiming, "I didn't think it would be THIS beautiful!" I was told that the only RV park that could accommodate my size home and car was the one that cost the most - in fact the most expensive night I've paid for a space to park in the 2 years that I've been RVing - $33.00 per night. And it's not even that nice a park, but it does have full hookups and from what I've seen of the park just driving 60 miles into it so far, I am sure it will be worth it just to see this wonder of a place.

The drive through the park is an incredible treat in itself - the curving road, the amazing cliff formations, the breathtaking scenery beg you to slow down and savor this gift for all of your senses.
Mom and I are absolutely enthralled with the landscape here - it feels like a totally different cosmic environment. To see boiling water bubbling from the earth in pools everywhere - to smell the sulfuric steam as it rises and to stare unbelievably at the vivid, strange colors tinting the surrounding land as if painted by the minerals in the whirling water - these are sights and experiences I would not trade for any other.
This park still has the feel of a primitive land where buffalo, bear, elk and coyote roam about freely among cold flowing streams and clear blue lakes right next to boiling cauldrons and geysers! The steaming earth makes it feel like you would be just as likely to see dinosaurs stomping around, like getting a glimpse back to prehistoric days - what a trip!
Our second day in: Yellowstone 

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