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July 1, 2007


We visited here as a side trip while staying in Asheville at the beginning of the tour. The Morse family has owned and shared this special place since 1902 when tourists would arrive on horseback or in carriages. Now you can visit in comfort and welcome it as one of North Carolina's newest additions to its state park system.

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An elevator will now take you up the 258 feet to the base of Chimney Rock.
She couldn't manage the stairs to the edge, but Mom enjoyed the views from the level of the Sky Lounge. When I returned from my hike, she told me how much she had enjoyed visiting with some of the other folks coming in and out of the gift shop and restaurant.
I decided to hike the Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop trail. This was one of my favorite inspirational stops.
There are many worthwhile places to pause in wonder at the beauty all around. The tiny trail to my right takes you across the area seen toward the end of the movie "Last of the Mohicans" where the heroine's sister took a dive.
Talk about being between a rock and a hard place! This is just one of the tight areas on the trail that keeps things interesting.
But what was really interesting is that I actually made it to the top of Hickory Nut Falls, a 404 foot wonder!
What they say is a 2 hour round trip hike actually took me more than 3 hours. But I spent quite a while resting at the top here soaking my hot, tired feet in the cool water. Well worth every step, though!
See Malia's Miles page for more pics of Chimney Rock.
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