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Blue Ridge Parkway - Pg. 3
June 27, 2007


A quick overnight stay planned for Crabtree Meadows Campground turned into a two-nighter when I found out about the trail leading to Crabtree Falls. I just could not pass up that chance.

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The start of the trail felt like I was entering a magic world through a green keyhole with promises of surreal beauty awaiting - I was not disappointed.
With flowering bushes as company along the trail, this was one of my favorite hikes on the Parkway. I never could tell the difference between the rhododendron and the mountain laurel, but who cares - these bushes by any name could not be more beautiful.
At times the climb and stairs were a bit daunting - breathing hard on the way up and aching knees on the way down, but well worth the trip both ways.
See what I mean? I spent almost an hour here just soaking it all in - and resting for the trip back up.
You can literally get soaked as you get up close and personal with these beautiful falls.
Want to see a short movie clip of the falls?
Click here for sight and sound.
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