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Grandfather Mountain
Blue Ridge Parkway - Pg. 4
June 29, 2007


I'd been itching for a chance to cross this "mile high swinging bridge" since seeing a brochure for it in December, 2001. With temps in the 20's and 50 mph winds at the time, I didn't get the chance to scratch it then.

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But here I am at last - not one of the 30% of women and 12.7% of men too chicken to cross once they got to the bridge.
On the other side you can climb on the boulders for a bird's eye view of the incredible scenery. I was too chicken for that since I had left my walking stick behind thinking I wouldn't need it here. I went out a little ways, but my footing was too unsure to go out far.
Here's a panorama shot showing the entire bridge and the upper visitors center. It takes climbing 50 steps to get to the foot of the bridge, so if you can't do that, you can still enjoy the views from the parking lot pictured here to the far left.
The grand mountain is not the only attraction here. You can get an up-close glimpse of the animals in large habitats for fun visits with black bears, river otters, cougars, eagles and deer.
Mom feeding Dakota-da-black-bear - a real show stopper here!
Will growl for food! Only kidding - if I be nice will you feed me?
Is it dinnertime yet??? Don't look at me, kitty - I'm a protected species!
Parkway - Page 5 (Linn Cove Viaduct)
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