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Blue Ridge Parkway - Pg. 8
July 10, 2007


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We stayed and gawked at Chimney Rock Mountain overlook for quite a while just watching the play of the clouds starting to gather around the mountains. Even though we were near the end of the parkway at this point, we were still in awe at the gorgeous surroundings.
At our next stop at 20 Minute Cliff overlook the coulds were starting to get thicker and the casted shadows and misty movements made that stop even more interesting.
The tunnels are beautiful features along the parkway - this is the last one at Bluff Mountain.
That's Gypsy's ears as she watches the road getting wetter and wetter as the clouds cross our path.
At another stop, she perches above mom as they watch the rain falling on the valley below.

All along the way, we kept hearing about how unusually dry it was and we were just amazed at how green everything was even so. But since moisture was so badly needed, we didn't have the heart to gripe about the rain. It was almost like the skies were echoing our sadness at the end of our time on the parkway. We were pretty tired by this point after a month of travel and activity on this beautiful Parkway. There is so much to see and do all along the way, we were certainly never bored. It took both me and mom at least a week of rest to recoup from the experience, even as wonderful as it was. Mom says she sits at the computer and just watches the pictures float across her screen as she relives the fun times we had.

August, 2007: So now that I'm rested up, I'm in Waynesboro, VA near Shenandoah National Park exploring Skyline Drive until leaf peeping season starts in October, when I'll head back down the parkway for that visual treat. Check back for pics to come.
Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive)
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