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Blue Ridge Parkway - Pg. 6
July 6, 2007

Another classic view seen whenever researching the Parkway is Mabry Mill. In fact, the info sign at the site says it is THE most photographed feature on the Parkway.

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We really enjoyed ourselves because we arrived early enough in the morning before mom got too tired to do much walking.
Besides the gristmill, there are other buildings, farm tools and displays replicating life in rural Appalachia. You can see blacksmithing and spinning wheel demonstrations and take a walk along a nice path alongside the wooden flume used to help power the mill by catching runoff from nearby streams.
Sometimes Mom would just be too tired to get out the RV another time, so it was great that she could just sit inside the RV and still take in the views from the many large pulloffs alongside the road.
Price Lake was another favorite view. We enjoyed it from the shore all decked out in rhodos and I'm sure this canoeist enjoyed his own viewpoint from the middle of the lake.
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