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June 19, 2007


I had a little taste of the Parkway in 2001 during my first year of fulltiming on a weekend trip to Asheville. I remember being fascinated that the distant mountains actually looked blue - I hadn't realized they were that serious about the name! When I found myself on the east coast again, I made it a goal to RV the entire parkway from start to finish. Officially, the Parkway runs 469 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. I am determined to see every single milepost!

Since I'm also doing Parkway pages for Malia's Miles for my RVing buddies, I'll include links to those pages listed on the right in case you just can't see enough pics of this gorgeous part of the country.

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Even though this certainly wasn't mom's first RV trip with me, she was still as excited as a 6 year old about to meet Santa Claus. Or maybe as excited as she was when she really did meet Santa Claus at the North Pole on our return trip from Alaska. Or when she met Mickey Mouse in Disney World during our grand tour of Florida (never did get one of those 'round-to-its" for those picture pages but it sure was fun!) Or maybe as thrilled as she was at hugging redwoods and sequoias all along the California and Oregon coasts. Probably not as thrilled as when we went to visit family in New Orleans and Sacramento, but still thrilled!

So in continuing the tradition of "grand tours" we started at the begining at Milepost 469 and figure on it taking a month to drive the whole distance because there's so much we want to see along the way.
With roads and views such as these to gawk at, a month probably won't be long enough!
There are so many pulloffs with amazing views - some with really weird names. We thought this one appropriate for us both to pose with. This was about 7 miles from the very beginning of the Parkway.
Here's where we began to meet up with clouds crossing the road. It was a surreal trip to drive through that cool mist. We opened the windows and stuck our hands out and pretended we were flying through the clouds!
We hear the rhododendrons are amazing further up the road where we'll be next week, but for now we're content with the other roadside bloomers .
Blue Ridge Parkway (Page 2)- Chimney Rock
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