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ALASKA at Last!
May 15 , 2003


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Alaska at Last!

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Alaska Journaling

My Article About
This Alaska Trip

It was crying-with-joy-time again when I saw the Welcome to Alaska sign. I made it!!! Maybe not without problems and frustrations, but I went all the way through Canada's Yukon and into Alaska all by myself! I can't believe it's been a little less than a month since I left Portland. In some ways it feels like a lifetime. Canada has been great, but mainly just the place to go through to get to Alaska. In some ways it's been a much harder month of travel than I had ever thought of, and in other ways I am amazed at how smooth it went. My emotions have certainly run the gamut, that's for sure. From the loss of my greatest inspiration, Don - to a feeling of accomplishment that I've come so far alone - to doubting the wisdom of ever taking off on such a crazy and risky dream - to being totally and unbelievably excited at the prospect of spending the whole summer in amazing Alaska - I've experienced it all. If one of the things that life is all about is to experience and learn as much about ourselves and others as we can during our time on earth, then I feel like I've lived a lifetime just in the past month. Being the only one to listen to myself cry in fear and frustration or sob in joy and wonder, in that experience I've learned a lot about myself and to forgive myself my fears as I push through them.

I was also a little surprised at my reaction when I crossed the border into America again. I heartily greeted the border guard with a "God Bless America!" I loved Canada, its people and its incredibe scenery, but in the past month, I got tired of exchanging dollars for loonies, trying to convert litres to gallons, etc. The guard said he gets that reaction all the time. I guess I'm not as un-stuck in my ways as I thought.

Although the campground rates were pretty good, the gas was pretty high - in Ft. Nelson I paid almost $2.50 a gallon once the conversions were made. When you only get 7-8 mpg and have a 75 gallon tank to feed, that adds up quite quickly.

The road was pretty torn up in places between Destruction Bay and Tok. For about 10 miles at a stretch sometimes it was like riding on washboard and I went about 10 mph trying not to tear up my motor home too much. I didn't like hearing all that rattling around behind me!
However, the road conditions didn't detract from the scenery and going so slow made it that much easier to just feast on mother nature's show, so it's hard to complain too much.
This is what the RV looked like right before I got to Tok. I'd never seen it so filthy! No dings to either it or the car's windshield yet, though, and I've heard that's a common occurrence on this road. I'm sure the little traffic I encountered contributed to that lucky streak.
It's a little easier to see the dirt on the poor dinghy who kept getting the mud and muck thrown at it. The Protect-A-Tow underskirt worked pretty well in keeping it from being damaged by the gravel and rocks, but it was torn itself either from rocks flying through it or from scraping against the tow bar, I'm not sure.
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