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Muncho Lake
May 8 , 2003

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Alaska At Last!


Muncho Lake was an amazing sight - it was still frozen and covered in snow in places, and it was the most incredible color of blue in spots.
The drive by it is extremely winding and narrow and I was thankful I had to go so slow so that I could take it all in.
Just one of the gorgeous views from across this magnificent lake.
It was nice to have so many stopping places big enough for my house so I could stay and enjoy the sights and sounds.
Even though this was very early in the trip, this stop was one of the most memorable moments for me - not only on this trip, but in my entire life.

There was nobody else around and I was just standing there gawking and then became aware of this cracking-like sound. It was almost imperceptible at first as the snowy white silence seemed complete. I couldn't figure out what it was and finally it had me a little worried. I inspected Inspiration thoroughly, and then realized what I was hearing was the sound of the lake melting beside me! When I looked closely, I could see the subtle shifts in the water and the thin ice covering near the shore giving way to spring. I then literally dropped to my knees in tears - it moved me almost more than I could stand. Still don't really know how to explain it. I just sobbed like a baby, saying over and over to myself, "You're hearing the lake melting - and look at that, and look at that - you can see it melting, too!"

It really was one of the most cosmic, magical moments in a mostly magical trip. Who would have ever thought the sound of ice melting could be magical, but I assure you it was.

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