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Sea to Sky Highway - Pg. 1
April 25, 2003

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Alaska At Last!

We took off across the Lion's Gate Bridge to the Sea to Sky Highway on our way to the village of Whistler. It was a two hour drive gawking at massive snow capped mountains hugging glistening blue water. There were two fantastic waterfalls we visited on the way and I made myself be thankful for the rain and snow that created such beauties. I was more thankful for the rare sunshine, though, and the views afforded on a crystal clear day in the Canadian Rockies.
Entrance to Lion's Gate Bridge
Brandywine Falls Rainbow

This was a gorgeous waterfall having fun making rainbows while we were there

Shannon Falls Angel

The sun shining on the top of the waterfall was so bright it came out in the picture looking like a luminous angel.

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