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Summit Lake to Muncho Lake
(on the way to Alaska)
May 8 , 2003

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Alaska At Last!


Just the 40 or so miles from Summit Lake to Muncho Lake made the whole trip worthwhile for me. No matter how many pictures I'd seen, I was not at all prepared for the experience of being totally surrounded by such beauty.

At one point, after rounding a curve and feeling like I was being engulfed by the looming mountains while driving beside a gurgling glacier stream with snow along its banks, I was completely overwhelmed and all of my senses just went on overload. I was so glad there was a place to pull over, because I sat outside the RV and cried great gulping tears for over 15 minutes. I just could not stop sobbing, "Oh my God, how can I thank you for letting me see this???"

There's no way I can express in words what that moment felt like or what that scenery looked like to me, no matter how many pictures I took. Even now I get teary just thinking of it.

Here you can see the little winding road alongside the massive mountains. Even in a 36' motor home, you feel very small.
This is a snow covered lake alongside the road. It was hard for me to keep my eyes on the road with such scenery, so I stopped at almost every pulloff to take pictures.
Because it was so early in the season, the roads were mostly clear and unbelievably uncrowded. Sometimes if I could see far enough in back of me, I stopped so I could get a picture of exactly what I saw while driving. I love having such a large windshield and I want to remember every glorious sight for as long as I live!
A lake thawing: Muncho Lake
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