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Whitehorse to Lake Kluane
(on the way to Alaska)
May 14, 2003

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Alaska At Last!


Visiting with the mountains along the way, I've never felt more certain that every rock of the earth is alive. I've never seen mountains like this before, every one different and equally awe inspiring. It's all I can do to keep my eye on the road, so I have to stop frequently to watch the silhouettes and shadows they make as they slice the sky and the different expressions they show as the snow plays across their faces.
Lake Kluane was still partially frozen, but the two stages of liquidity and contrast added to its beauty.
The strip of ice between the shore and this little island was ever changing and shifting and I enjoyed just watching it for a while as I ate lunch alongside the road.
Doesn't this receding ice look like a wave coming in?
Next stop: Alaska!
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