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Niagara Falls  
July 12-14, 2001

Now that truly is a place that everyone should see in their life. No matter how many travel specials I had watched or photos I'd seen, nothing prepared me for the vastness of the falls themselves, how powerful the rapids, how beautiful the mist is, how much I would enjoy just standing there drinking it all in. Quite a treat - although again I wore my feet down to nubs. We walked for miles, totally exploring the American side and then walked across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada to see their perspective.
I remember hearing that the Canadian side was better and it was. Not only is the viewing better, I was really impressed with how beautifully they have landscaped the entire area and how welcome they made you feel. They went crazy with planting flowers everywhere and hanging baskets all along the streets - a feast for the eyes everywhere you looked. Anyway that was a real treat and again, another experience I never thought I'd have.
I sat there at one point marveling at the little girl who grew up in the Irish Channel in New Orleans - look at her now at Niagara Falls! Wow, just try to tell me anything is not possible!
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