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Sept. 9, 2002 -
April 21, 2003

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All in all, since I started fulltime RVing in 2001, I've spent more time in Oregon than any other state. The first time I came here in late summer of 2002 was to thoroughly explore the Columbia River Gorge while I worked at a downtown law office for gas money. I wound up staying there through the winter because I decided I wanted to see Alaska the following summer and it made more sense to stay put and stay working to afford that adventure.

Me at Mt. Hood - July 2002

When I first started working, I told my co-workers that if I was forced to quit traveling, I'd stay in Portland. I loved the downtown area, Columbia River Gorge was amazing, and there was just so many other wonderful things to explore nearby. After a soggy, windy winter, I changed my mind about living there - at least through another winter - but it still remains in my memory as one of my very favorite stops.

This site will take you through some of the early memories, but my newer main website (Malia's Miles) has lots of more detailed pages on other years in Oregon. Eventually, I may move all these pages over there, but it's a pretty big job I haven't found time for yet.

We arrived in time to see the beautiful wildflowers still framing Mt. Hood.

July 26, 2002 - During a stay at LaGrande Rendezvous, this was my first glorious introduction to an Oregon state park - beautiful Wallowa Lake.

My favorite part was the fallow deer who roam freely all around the park and seem not to mind in the least sharing the sunny spots with us.
Hey, buddy - that's a bit impolite for the dinner table!
Not to mention, the Oregon Coast is enough to make anyone glad to be in this beautiful state!
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