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Victoria, BC

August 22, 2002
and Sept. 6, 2002


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Victoria, BC

Butchart Gardens


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During our stay in Washington, we took the high speed ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria twice. The first time was taken up just admiring Butchart Gardens, so we had to go back. We ate a great Italian meal el fresco and then walked all along the downtown streets. We visited the Crystal Gardens, where a tropical environment is created for the birds and butterflies to fly around in. Even though we've seen several of these type of gardens now, I always enjoy being that close to the animals and plants that I miss so much from Hawaii.

The harbor area where you dock upon arrival is so charming that you could spend half a day just walking around it, touring the majestic Parliament building, and the inner harbor that is lined with vendors, artists and musicians.

The streets themselves are beautiful as there are massive hanging baskets overflowing with brilliantly colored flowers hanging from all the old fashioned lamp posts lining them.

To the left of Queen Victoria's statue is an expansive lawn that fronts and sides the Parliament Building.

By the end of the afternoon we were so tired we joined the other tourists lounging about on the sloping park grounds. I got so relaxed listening to the sounds of the harbor and the seagulls that I actually fell asleep on the lawn. I slept for about an hour and was awakened by the sounds of the churchbells tolling the time. Don was so sweet and funny - I asked him why he hadn't gone to sleep and he replied, "I needed to stand guard over you and make sure security didn't come arrest you for snoring on the governor's lawn." It was just another picture perfect bon jour!

We partook of high tea service at the Empress Hotel, a treasure of an old Victorian inn with an amazing ceiling dome of stained glass in the foyer outside the crystal ballroom. We had a great view of the harbor as we sipped tea and munched on finger sandwiches, scones and fresh berries. We had a jolly good time being elegantly served by a very nice woman with a great English accent. Following that, we had time for a brief horse-drawn carriage ride before having to hop on the return ferry. What a day - just exactly the sort of experience I envisioned when I used to fantasize about what kind of things I wanted to do and see during this journey.
A little bit of heaven on earth: Butchart Gardens
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