Cedar Point, OH

July 4, 2001

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What a blast we had celebrating the 4th of July at Cedar Point!!! Going down one of the biggest roller coasters in the States -- 310 feet high with an 80 degree drop -- was a big thrill - especially challenging was the feat of keeping our lunch down. After an agonizingly slow ascent with each clicking cog whispering the threat of danger, you kinda hang for a split second and when you look down it seems impossible that you won't just ram straight into the ground, no way it could pull out in time....
Really fine ride, for sure! I had heard of that park before on one of the travel channel specials, but never dreamed I'd have the chance to actually go there. But since this whole adventure started, I have constantly been reminded how possible everything truly is. The hard part - but the only way to achieve the "impossible"- is just believing in the inherent truth of that simple statement: "everything and anything is possible...." As Albert Einstein said, "It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility."
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