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Maine July 21 to October 8, 2001

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When I said I was going to spend my first summer fulltime RVing on the east coast, my southern belle mama said "You'd better think about that, girl - yankees are different." Well, she was right - they were different from anything I had heard about or expected. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and helpful, and sometimes downright funny. Occasionally we had a little trouble understanding each other's accents, but that just added to the fun. One man especially had the heavy downeast accent and I had to really strain to understand what he said. We laughed about and shared our various RV travel stories, and there were many amusing "translation" problems in communicating, but it just added to the joy of visiting with these great people.

When we were sitting by the pond feeding the ducks, we met a very nice couple from Plymouth, Massachusetts. We wound up talking for three hours and really had a blast making fun of how each other talked. They got a kick out of our Texas accents and we could tell would stifle a laugh every time we said “y’all.” She admitted she had never been taught the letter “r” as a child and therefore her alphabet and language still did not include it. So, we did not visit Bar Harbor, we went by caah to Baah Haahbah. It’s really hilarious meeting all these “foreigners.”

(See "Don-isms" for some more examples).

I had never visited a lighthouse before and was thrilled to see several while we were here.
The eastern seaboard was certainly different from what I'd seen in Hawaii and on the west coast. Viva la difference!
Next Stop: "Baah Haahbah"
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